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Buy verified accounts of crypto exchanges, twitter, facebook and other social networks at the best price!

Product Quantity Price
Telegram accounts | Self-reg | Countries MIX | tdata | Reg. 7+ days ago | For portable version 46 0.70$
Telegram accounts | Auto-reg | Session+json | Sim +1 (USA)| Age of accounts 3+ days 58 1.00$
Telegram accounts | Self-reg | Country Russia sim +7 | tdata | Registered long ago 119 1.00$
Telegram accounts | Auto-reg | tdata | Geolocation Indonesia | Very reliable 87 1.10$
Telegram accounts | Sim +63 (Philippines)| Auto-reg | tdata | | Age of accounts 15+ days 48 1.30$

Telegram is one of the most popular messengers for 2023. The Verifshop website sells self-registration and auto-registration of Telegram accounts. Registration of all accounts was made at least 7 days ago, so with spam, invitations and mailing lists, our accounts live much longer than others. Accounts are sold in tdata, session formats and are transferred only to one person. Have time to buy now at a low price.

Buy crypto exchange accounts on the verifshop website at the smallest prices. Buy verification of crypto exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, Huobi. Also on our site accounts in social networks and messengers are sold, for example: facebook, discord, twitter, etc. Discounts are available in honor of the new year!